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To email one of the staff members at this school, use the format "first initial last name" followed by For example, to email Principal, Nancy Heckler, use

AdministrationTop of Page

 Heckler, Nancy
 Checko, Patti     
 Administrative Assistant     

PreSchoolTop of Page

 Miller, Salli   
 Salvadori, Tara Pre-K3 Teacher  tsalvadori

Kindergarten TeamTop of Page

 Brand, MaryKate          
 Kindergarten Teacher
 Canning, Jennifer
 Kindergarten Teacher
 Kosienski, Carrie
 Kindergarten Teacher

Grade One TeamTop of Page

 Bernstein, Laura     
 Grade One Teacher
 Burns, Elizabeth
 Grade One Teacher
 Loffredo, Jessica  Grade One Teacher  jloffredo
 Rodrigues, Ashley  Grade One Teacher  arodrigues

Grade Two TeamTop of Page

 Bernabeo, Jeff    
 Grade Two Teacher
 Ghoreyeb, MaryBeth
 Grade Two Teacher
 Lundt, Maura
 Grade Two Teacher

Grade Three TeamTop of Page

 Bystrek, Cassie  Grade Three Teacher cbystrek
 Lonsdale, Melissa Grade Three Teacher mlonsdale
 Poach, JoAnn Grade Three Teacher jpoach

Reading Department & RemedialTop of Page

 Barrett, Christy     
 Reading Interventionist
 Durkin, Noelle  Math Instructional Coach  ndurkin
 Stewart, Tammy
 Math Interventionist
 Toti, Christina  Literacy Instructional Coach  ctoti
 Provini, Mary
 Literacy Tutor
 Vichitto, Jeanne Literacy Tutor jvichitto

Related ArtsTop of Page

 Dwyer, Ruth
 Art Teacher
 Edwards, Alex     
 Health/Physical Education
 Holland, Jennifer  Health/Physical Education  jholland
 Klimas, Michael  Library Media Specialist  mklimas
 Lussier, Jenny     
 Library Media Specialist
 Schlicker, Bridgette
 Technology Teacher
 Schulenburg, Allan
 Music Teacher

Special Education TeamTop of Page

  Schwartz, Michelle
 Special Education Teacher
 Tavello, Jennifer
 Special Education Teacher

CounselorsTop of Page

 Shankar, Nilani, PhD   Psychologist
 Sierra-Frazer, Linda
  Social Worker

NurseTop of Page

 Johnson, MaryEllen
 School Nurse

Speech and Language PathologistTop of Page

 Lehman, Kelley  Speech & Language Pathologist klehman
 Reilly, Terry
 Speech & Language Pathologist

ABATop of Page

 Adamowski, Kristin
 Special Education Therapist
 Brockett, Alyssa
 Special Education Therapist
 Cornwall, Jenna  Special Education Therapist  jcornwall
 Cornwall, Tina
 Special Education Therapist
 D'Antonio, Teresa
 Special Education Therapist
 Landry, Jeffrey
 Special Education Therapist
 Milardo, Josephine
 Special Education Therapist

 Special Education Therapist


Teacher AssistantsTop of Page

 Barra, Cathy
 Teacher Assistant
 Boyea, Nancy
 Teacher Assistant
 Criscuolo, Sharon  Teacher Assistant  scriscuolo
 Croteau, Marcia  Teacher Assistant  mcroteau
 Fournier, Christie
 Teacher Assistant
 Gucwa, Lori   Teacher Assistant  lgucwa
 Kirschner, Elyse  Teacher Assistant
 Korn, Jason
 Teacher Assistant
 Lena, Lore Teacher Assistant  llena
 Napoletano, Carin
 Teacher Assistant
 Pakech, Nancy Teacher Assistant npakech
 Robison, Lori  Teacher Assistant
 Ryan, Terri  Teacher Assistant
 Sheehan, Marilyn  Teacher Assistant
 Simon, Sandy  Teacher Assistant
 Slawinowski, Leanne  Teacher Assistant  leanneslawinowski
 Tuttle, Tara  Teacher Assistant  ttuttle

Special ServicesTop of Page

  Davis, Kelly   Occupational Therapist
  Muscatallo, Carla  Occupational Therapist
  Sawicki, Penny
 Physical Therapist

Custodial StaffTop of Page

 Anderson, Ken
 Head Custodian
 Baker, Bill
 Custodian  wbaker
 Stoneberg, Randy  Custodian  rstoneberg

Cafeteria ServicesTop of Page

 Racine, Bonnie     
 Head Cook  bracine
 Lucibello, Carra   Assistant Cook  clucibello