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The purpose of school improvement planning is to ensure that teachers and administrators work collaboratively toward continuous improvement of the quality of teaching and learning in their school. The school principal, the school leadership team, and the faculty are responsible for designing an annual School Improvement Plan to be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools by October 1 of each school year.  In those buildings where a Site Plan has been developed, the Site Plan is the School Improvement Plan.  The school improvement goals in these buildings will consist of the action plans chosen for implementation in that school year.

Professional development is a key component of the School Improvement Plan or Site Plan. Each school's plan includes a professional development component that will lead to improvements in instruction and resulting improvements in student achievement.

The School Improvement Plan for Brewster and Korn Schools was developed to reflect the changes in the Fourth Generation Connecticut Mastery Test. After evaluating the results of the March 2010 CMT, the two faculties developed a comprehensive plan for addressing areas of concern. The Brewster/Korn School Improvement Committee believes that this plan may take several years to implement before progress can be validated; the two faculties are working together to ensure consistent implementation K-4.
Collaborative Accountability
The Brewster School faculty will enhance school wide collaboration through the implementation of Professional Learning Communities (PLC) that includes the analysis of student learning data.
Culture and Climate
Brewster School faculty and staff will review and follow protocols to ensure a safe school environment. Brewster School faculty and staff will review and implement practices that honor, uphold, and model our Core Ethical Values.
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment
Brewster School faculty will continue to focus on improving instruction, assessment and curriculum delivery.
School Goal
The talents and skills of Brewster School staff will be enhanced through focused professional development and collaboration.
The Principal will identify school based needs and communicate them accurately in the budget process.