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The Brewster School Art Show

The Brewster School Art Show was a huge success. Parents and friends were amazed at what Art Teacher, Ruth Dwyer, can produce with our students.  All students were represented. Another job well done, Ms. Dwyer.

Brewster Loves To Read

Children in pajamas! Popcorn and a drink! Guest readers! Great books! Super activities! These are some of the things that make Brewster Loves to Read a favorite activity for the students and staff. The children were so excited when the guest readers made an appearance at the assembly, books in hand and ready to read. All the students broke into small groups and went to hear a story selected by the reading department or the guest. The readers shared their book with the students and then planned a fun activity related to each of the books. Some groups made princess dresses, some students created masks and some made snow globes. Here are a few photos of the day's activities.

Brewster Celebrates Dr. Seuss Day

Second grade rappers, guest interviews, video books, games and commercials! That sums up how we celebrated Dr. Seuss' Birthday. The students gathered in the multipurpose room first thing in the morning to celebrate with an assembly coordinated by Christina Toti, one of Brewster School's reading teachers. Dressed up as the narrator of "Oh the Places You'll Go," Christina led the second graders dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2 in a short rap session.
Students watched a video of the Brewster staff reading their part of "Oh the Places You'll Go."
Invited guests were interviewed about the interesting things they have done and the places they have been. Dr. Veronesi talked about her life in Africa while Jeff Landry discussed how he always loved to cook and his desire to become a chef. Trooper Schlicker talked about what he liked to do before becoming a trooper and Cheryl Forbush demonstrated a short dance with students and talked about her love of dance.
Mr. Edwards provided commercial breaks by having students show off their balancing talents, then challenged the Cat in The Hat (Principal, Nancy Heckler) to a balancing contest. Mr. Edwards wont the contest and will be Principal for a Day later in the school year.
The morning culminated with each student making a wish or a dream and releasing their balloon.

Read This Book

Take a moment and read this book written and illustrated by Mrs. Lundt's second grade class. They have been working hard and it shows in their fabulous writing.

Superman Seal Fights Hunger

Brewster participated in a food drive this past month. We collected over 550 items for the local food bank. We also participated in a contest with Stop and Shop A+ rewards for a chance to win $1,000. Here is our display that we built for the contest.

Calling All Kindergartners for 2015-2016

It’s that time of year again when we are preparing our lists for next year’s incoming kindergartners. Parents of children living in Durham and Middlefield who will be five (5) years old on or before January 1, 2016 must register their child to attend kindergarten in September 2015 or apply for a waiver of attendance. In Regional District #13, children may attend kindergarten in either the Contemporary Program or the Integrated Day Program. Parents need to choose the appropriate program for their child prior to kindergarten registration.  School visits and information available at the schools will assist parents in making their choice.
The Contemporary Program serves children in grades K-4 and is housed at Brewster School for grades K-2 and at Korn School for grades 3 and 4. The Integrated Day program serves students in grades K-4 at John Lyman School. While the two programs share many similarities, they also have some distinctive differences that must be considered when deciding which program is best for each child.
If you have a child that is eligible to begin kindergarten, please call either school to make sure you are on the list to receive the December mailing that explains the registration process.

Brewster Elementary School – 860-349-7227     John Lyman School – 860-349-7240

Stop and Shop A+ Rewards Contest

Brewster School is participating in a canned food drive to benefit a local food bank. Our goal is 493 canned food items of the same size. We are also accepting additional items for the drive. With the canned food that we collect, we will be making a display and submitting a photo of the display to the Stop and Shop A+ Rewards program. This will enter our school in a contest with a chance to win an additional $1,000 to use on student activities in our school. Brewster participates in the A+ rewards program throughout the year and has earned over $700 from the participating shoppers in the program so far. We hope that our display of the Superman symbol wins!!!
Be Brave, Be Strong, Fight Hunger.

First Friday Family Reading


Brewster Celebrates Veteran's Day

Ryan Parmelee, a  former CRHS graduate and father of two of Brewster students, visited Brewster to share his experiences as an Army medic. Thank you for your service, Mr. Parmelee and for taking time out of your schedule to share your experiences with our students.

Brewster would like to thank all veteran's for their service to our country.


Senior Citizens Visit Brewster

The Senior Citizens enjoyed a morning of technology education from our students at Brewster School. The seniors were invited to observe how the children use technology in the classroom, computer lab, and library. The students showed their proficiency on the SmartBoard, Chromebooks, iPads and the computers in the computer lab.
After their morning session, the seniors enjoyed having lunch in the cafeteria with the kindergarten students. Thank you to Dr. Veronesi for inviting the seniors to our school. We hope that they will come back and see us again soon.

Brewster Shows Support

On October 22, the Brewster Staff participated in Breast Cancer Awareness month by having pink hair extensions placed in their hair by a local salon expert who came during lunchtime. The $10 donation for each extension went directly to Breast Cancer Awareness. Here are some of the highlights from lunchtime. Thank you to Heather, owner of Exquisite Hairstyles in Middletown, for coming to Brewster!!!

Scenes from Open House


Stop and Shop A+ Rewards Update

Our totals are growing. As of December 1st, Brewster has a total of $478 with the Stop and Shop A+ Rewards program. The program runs through March 19, so sign up and register to help earn money for our children. Go to The school ID number is 07480. Please feel free to extend the invitation to participate in the program to your friends and family.


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